At Blue Ant we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment in all our activities and to comply with all relevant environmental legislation. Through our ‘Thinking Green’ initiative we integrate environmental good practice into our day-to-day operations.
Whether it is materials we use and recommend, the miles we drive, the packaging we reuse or the trade waste we recycle, our aim is to continually think of ways to lower our carbon footprint and make greener choices. With this in mind, we review and update our Environment Policy Statement periodically and a copy of our latest policy can be found here.

1. Recycling

  • We recycle our ink cartridges and print heads using the HP Supplies Service.
  • We have an ongoing waste reduction programme.
  • Our waste and packaging is sorted and 100% recycled by Viridor, UK’s leading waste management company.

2. Facilities and Equipment

Our high spec offices have been built for optimum sustainability and efficiency with energy saving design, insulation and airtight construction. Our design studio has well insulated large windows to maximise natural light. Investment in energy efficient equipment and cleaner ink technology.

HP Designjet Printers
Through the use of revolutionary HP Latex Inks, our HP Designjet L series printers help lower the impact of printing on the environment, offering a distinctive range of environmentally related benefits our business and customers. Water-based HP Latex Inks need no special ventilation.They also require no hazard warning labels and are non-flammable and non-combustible, all of which may help to reduce storage, handling, and waste disposal challenges. This also helps to create a better working environment.

  • Green printing technology.
  • Energy efficient, reducing environmental impact, producing less heat.
  • Energy Star compliant, meeting strict guidelines on energy consumption.
  • Water based inks emit low VOC’s and no dust.
  • Non-flammable, non-combustable, no HAP’s.

Oce Arizona
Our Océ Arizona flatbed printer uses UV curable inks that do not contain volatile organic compounds and as a result the user needs minimal ventilation. This reduced need to extract or heat/cool large volumes of air results in a substantial cost and energy savings.

  • UV curable ink technology doesn’t contain VOC’s.
  • Only require office-grade ventilation and consume less energy.

Apple Computers

  • Apple’s product line far exceeds strict Energy Star guidelines, and are designed with cleaner safer materials reduce and eliminate harmful toxins commonly used in IT manufacture, for instance replacing PVC in their power leads with a safer material.
  • We recycle our machines at the end of their lifecycle.

3. Links

More information on how we can all play our part in a greener future can be found at:
Carbon Trust
Energy Saving Trust

4. Sustainable Working Practices

We strive to do what we can and hold to the maxim of reduce, reuse and recycle. There are many simple things to do to use resources more wisely

  • We develop our workflow process to drive efficiency and productivity
  • Set our printer to double-sided printing that it saves on paper and inks
  • We turn off computers and unused equipment at night and on weekends
  • We set equipment to low paper sleep where possible
  • We promote efficient use of packaging materials, reusing where possible

5. Eco Friendly Products & Materials

We are continually looking at alternatives to our frequently used materials to find more eco-friendly options that reduce our environmental footprint.


  • 100% recycled clear acrylic – low impact solution for displays and POS, with optical clarity and available in a wide range of colour and sizes.

Eco-friendly board materials

  • Foam PVCs like Foamalux Xtra contains 80% recycled content from production and post consumer waste. It is lightweight, versatile and smooth with a wide range of colours.
  • Re:board paper based board, lightwieght durable, recyclable with a small CO2 footprint.
  • Dufaylite, lightweight, 100% recyclable board

Print media
We offer a range of Eco-choice and Evergreen Fabric media which offer eco-friendly alternatives to PVC for banners, pop-ups, roller banners etc.

  • USOP7 is a tear resistant polypropylene film coated on one side with a semi matt finish water fast coating and on the reverse side with a light stop opaque grey layer. Product can be used on the current range of inkjet printers with water based dye and pigment inks. Product is a more environmentally friendly option than PVC and is ideal for one part short term graphics. Suitable for a wide range of internal applications but is primarily designed for roll up graphics. The block-out properties of the film make the product ideal for use in strongly back-lit areas.
  • UMP9 is a 180gsm barrier coated universal matt paper. Suitable for cost effective indoor advertising, signage and general poster work. When laminated it compares favourably with more expensive photo papers. Sourced from certified managed forests.
  • TSOP7 for pop-up systems, roller banners. Product is a more environmentally friendly option than PVC and is ideal for graphics which need good scuff and scratch resistance. Product is suitable for a wide range of internal applications but is primarily designed for roll up graphics. The block-out properties of the film make the product ideal for use in strongly back-lit areas. TSOP7 is a  more environmentally responsible alternative to using heavy-weight PVC banners.
  • JetTex is flame retardant and printable on one side using UV and Latex inks. It is a natural looking fabric that is lightweight, non-reflective and no-curl. Ideal for POS, exhibition stands, wall coverings, displays, roller banners. Free of PVS, phtalate, formaldehyde, phosphate, dihydroxydiethel.